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it's a doodle, an experiment, IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE THIS! he was just doing a traditional frame by frane animation, like a flip book. It was practice, not a fulll product. Concidering the stuff you animated, I thought you did a really good job. Not every cartoon has to be a story, sometimes it can just be, I dunno A CARTOON! is this the greatest flash ever, of course not! Is this a bad flash, by no means is it! I applaud the effort, knowing how tedious frame by frame is. I have been watching TV and asking myself "Why is this animated, any person could do this." This is an example of a good ol time toon! this was a nice little experiment, keep up the good work!

PS: this song is a freakin classic, without it your grandadies wouldn't have been horny enough to do it with your grandma. (you never know, it could be true, (unless your parent is a test tube baby in which case ask yourself how did grandpa get the randiness to make that sperm? (Answer: THIS SONG!)))

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Fawx responds:

lmfao. this is the best review i've gotten so fa- OH MY GOD YOU MADE BIOSHLOCK.

I loved this

your animation was spot on, really good. hopefully this will get a little more recognition in the meme crowd soon. I probably laughed as much as I did because I am a total caramelldansen whore but a few suggestions. You should have made the opening stronger. What may have made this better would be if you could use a right and left arrow to select which ones you want, that would make this user friendly. as a final one their are always more newgrounds series to explore (even though I got them all. in short, Awesomely done.

well It was good but

seems like a waste of fantastic animation! like I thought that the start thing that you did with nene (even though intended to be a parody) had a sort of subtle beauty to it. I also not being a sonic fan didn't get the references. Weirdly enough I saw death note on adult swim fixz just before watching this (weird huh?). I just wished there was a full story rather than quick crap. I'll give you the eight though just for the quality you put in! hopefully, you'll be able to do something really cool and really orgininal soon. for the future, I recomend less sonic jokes, don't be afraid to branch out more.

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This is like Icy towers on crack!!!

read above

seems cool but

IT could use more animation, brighter fun menues, and more mario based backgrounds

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StillBeatingPictures responds:

Thanks for your review. To be honest i could find any mario based backgrounds without mario or someone in it, and it kinda spoiled it (in my opinion)
but I think i might just do the menu thing. Now i know what im gonna do for v3 =)

It's just more of the same

There's nothing that really seperateds this mouse game form anyone elses aside form its cheap engine and amateur look

Flashsubmit responds:

ok thanks.

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This could be just what I needed

lets see, it has the feel I'm looking for.

REad or die F*CKIN ROCKS!!!!

Kick ass remix man. (understand that I don't normally swear in my reviews). but still killer job.

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I'm going to use this

I'm probably going to use the first rift as my series theme song :)!

TheGimpsta responds:

Nice, I'm looking forward to it! =)

come up to the flash and see it isn't trash ;)

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