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waltz with Bashir

2009-02-06 19:55:59 by SpedsonaPlane


Yo I've been away for a while, and if another Newgrounder made a post about this film, I apologize for making a post you'v read before.

So for all those who don't know what I'm talking about, an Israeli film has recently hit the indie film circuit

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guys this is flash. The same stuff that made metal gear awesome made this

so I finally had the chance to see it today. To put it bluntly I don't regret it

This film is not an entertainment flick. I went expecting to see expert flash animation and a movie in evreet (something I haven't seen in a while). I recieved both En masse, but this was the scariest movie I have seen in my life. Not scary as in startled, or even suspensfull, just for about 4 minutes after the film was overI stood in my seat, completely silen, in utter awe. The imagery in the film is spectacular, especially the story of the soldier in the tank and the brief flashes of the arcades when he returned home from the war. Crap this film really got to me, I couldn't speak till about 7 minutes after WWB and even then it was awkward.

But a bit about the animation itself. I know the stuff on my NG account isn't very impressive but I know quite a bit about flash. The only logical way I can see how they did this was with a crapload of shape tweens done just right to achieve a 3d effect.
is the closest thing I've seen to it.

But people.. This isn't just another war is bad film, this is a war is FUCKIN SCARY FILM. Again, I don't regret seeing it. but as far as the flash community goes this is clearly a step forward. Don't expect a handfull of daisies, or a fistfull of action, the best thing you can expect is an open palm covered in scars.

oh yeah, I'm working on stuff.

Man I'm still in some awe

be sure to post your opinions on it, I'm curious to see the NG community's thoughts on it.


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2009-02-06 20:45:40

Lazymuffin already posted on this. It does look awesome.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

yeah its true he did. Since the movie's israeli he got the chance to see it a long time before it was shipped to the US. I just thought the post was about the trailer and not just the movie itself. and yes it does look awesome, Whether is is awesome is up to the viewer.


2009-02-06 21:30:54

This movie got all A's in Entertainment weekly!! I can't wait toget a ticket!


2009-02-06 23:08:49

Yeah, this has been posted a few times before on front page.

Though Flash is definitely used, it's not the only program that was used to make the movie, and most of the movement is rotoscoped anyway, so to act like it's from the same tools as NG flash movies is pushing it.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

your totally right I forgot to mention it wasn't pure flash. but these days in NG some people will use some pretty advanced tools. but yeah I'm not expecting something of that quality to hit the front page. I hope I don't seem like I'm creating uneccecary drama I was friggin tired when I got home.


2009-02-07 02:01:29

Dont compare or even mention smthng like MG Awesome when you mention this film.

watch it on the watch-movies .net site in the animation section.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

I was just stating the irony of something that is well shall we say badly animated to something that is masterfully animated


2009-02-07 08:28:39

Hmm..... that trailer really wasn't bad..... at all..... by the way, it's about time you made a new post, lol. and when the fuck is that damn bloody doll game gonna be released onto newgrounds already!? I'm still VERY impatient for it.....


2009-02-07 08:31:21

And NoodleCreme, go suck a dick. SpedsonaPlane doesn't have to deal with you and your stupid comments.


2009-02-07 08:31:55

seriously man, you should delete the comment NoodleCreme left AND block him.


2009-02-07 15:16:25

Yeah I saw it too. One of the best docs of the year. But It wasn't all made in flash.


2009-02-07 17:02:57

Actually, its not solely done in flash, there's a lot of 3D animation done outside of Flash or so I heard), but the movie itself is georgeous and really heartbraking. The opening dream sequence with the dogs comes to mind as one of the good examples of how incredible the animation is.

The concept of an animated documentary was really interesting in the first place (if you ignore that crappy existentialist flick "Waking Life"), but the movie itself is just breathtaking narratively.

I just hope it will win the oscar it deserves.