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Our platform fighting game needs feedback

2009-01-03 16:21:10 by SpedsonaPlane

Hey everybody, its been a while. not that I haven't been working, I have ON THIS!!!!

this has been a collaborative effort (featuring the coding and animation talents of nutcase nightmare, and other non NG users)

This is the start of a pretty epic project so we're looking for feedback before the big NG release (spiffing it up and such). Wht do you want more of, what do you want less of? what could use improvement, what could stay the same, stuff like that! We can also use a sound effects guy if anyone is interested.

Sit back and enjoy!

Our platform fighting game needs feedback


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2009-01-03 16:40:10

took too long to load, so i said to myself: SCREW IT!!...

that was pointless, but i like the image.. o_o


2009-01-03 16:59:45

laggy as hell, and.. 1 attack?

SpedsonaPlane responds:

there are 3 attacks, regular ranged (shift a) and your burst shield ( Q) not to mention if you get your flying attack (if you have the powerup). try again.


2009-01-03 17:23:12

you to assign the different attacks to A, S, D, and the characters move too slow and the control scheme is very cumbersome


2009-01-03 18:01:54

1. More character customization
2. Combo moves
3. More cleaner menu


2009-01-03 18:23:31

I'd say this is a relatively good game for a first go at something like this. Try again after you put this out and come up with a polished sequel!


2009-01-03 19:13:54

Yeah, it was way to simple, not enough moves, the game overall feels very stiff. Let the camera pan in if they get closer. And have different power ups, less lag, and more fun game play.


2009-01-03 20:00:02

yeah it was really good. i guess you should just work on the animation a little. it was definately VERYYY creepy(although i never got past the first level....). it was fun though so i give it an 9.5/10 :)


2009-01-03 20:05:24

I see a lot of potential, but I have a few hangups and a few suggestions that you might want to work on before releasing a full version.

*The opening menu should highlight around the usable buttons so they are easier to define. It would give your interface a more user friendly atmosphere.

*The other character is always drawn to you and hangs you up when they get too close. They don't give you any breathing room and it makes moving around the level frustrating and sometimes pointless when they are always attached to you. They don't go for power ups, just you.

*When you die you have to watch the opening sequence again and again, there should be a skip button so you don't have to watch it every time you play or re-play the level.

*As suggested on someone else's response, perhaps changing the combat buttons from shift A, Q and E and just make it ASDF or WADS. Yeah, its the same thing as every other game, but its easy to remember and, once again, user friendly.

*I like the ability to create your own character, perhaps adding more costumes and weapons to start with would pull people in a little more. There is only 1 male build and two female. Considering your audience is going to be predominately male and are probably going to be wanting more male parts, you might consider adding more in.

*The second guy's name didn't show up for me on act 1... Maybe that's just my problem...

*The game is really slow paced, you might want to raise the frame rate a bit.

Anyway, i'm still trying to figure out the game for the most part.


2009-01-03 20:26:24

I can't get past Alice. I think I'm supposed to climb the fat rabbits when they stack and set off the cannon, but she drops them at random so they never make a good stack in time for me to climb them. In any case, I can't figure her out. When I give up and let her kill me I have to start over from the very beginning again which is a little frustrating too.

*Is there a way to fire your distance shot up? Or your special shot forward? That would be really helpful if not.

*Also when you create a character where it says: "type name here," the here doesn't show up till you type your name. You could probably just leave it at "Name" and people will get the idea.

Anyway, this project looks like fun. I really like the style and the atmosphere. Please PM me when you have a guide or an update!


2009-01-03 20:28:27

Oh yeah, before I forget:

*Being able to use your shield in mid air
*Faster recovery time after you cast your shield


2009-01-03 20:42:11

The game didn't lag for me!
The game is actually pretty decent.

The character creation just needs more in-depth, and more moves are needed ^^


2009-01-03 23:34:54

Its a pretty good game, and like Skankles said, I also see a good deal of potential. Make more attack moves, more customization possibilities and it did lag a little bit.
Clean up the menu a little bit, because at first I was sitting there not knowing what to do. And after you die and come back, the cut-scene replays, either take that out or add in a skip button all together.
I'd rate it 6/10 because the idea was great and I love the dark feel of it. Another thing, I can help with sound effects if you want. It seems interesting and fun to try.


2009-01-04 00:38:53

It ran pretty slow on my machine. Some optimizations like changing the _visible flag on clips that are outside the vcam might help, if you haven't already done that. Slightly shorter attack animations would probably make it feel more responsive too.

Shift-A, A, and Q are kind of awkward. A, S, D would be easier (and the people who don't read the instructions will be more likely to find all 3 attacks).

The menus are messy! It's hard to navigate through them. There are too many different hard-to-read fonts, and it's counterintuitive to go to Scene Select from the main menu to start the game. Making it say "Start Game" or "Play" and then just bringing up the scene select screen from there would be easier.

The color scheme is kind of all over the place, and it's distracting. Fully saturated red and blue do not go well together. Blue and purple or red and purple are also typically unpleasant to look at.

I'm not a fan of longish intro movies before rounds begin either, but I guess some people are into that.


2009-01-04 02:18:18

Awesome game engine, but it takes too long to get into the actual game, and its unclear how to actually do it. the buttons need to be more obvious and instead of selecting an act you should just be able to press like play game. and on the character create page have a done and a reset button, not a back button.

but the actual game i think is awesome.


2009-01-04 03:11:16

The menu is way too messy and complicated. Had to right-click-play to get into the game. The cut scenes were unnecessary but the game itself was pretty good.


2009-01-04 06:21:33

Has alot of potential, alot has already been said from other commenters. I say raise the framerate a bit, perhaps remake some of the graphics as some of them looked a bit cheap compared to the others. Also remake some sounds, a few of the sounds ruined the atmosphere by not being that well made.


2009-01-04 08:22:19

Definetly a bitch to load

*I think there should be a button on the main menu that says "instructions".

*You should definitely make A regular, S ranged, and D shield attack.

*For some reason, when i battled the first opponent, i heard 2 voices saying the same taunt.

Can't wait to say it on the frontpage!!!


2009-01-05 17:59:08

Whoa..... this game is hard, REALLY hard. I was able to beat levels 1 & 2, but after dying in level 3 (and deciding to continue), when I saw it go back to level 1 I'm all like "Oh, come on! I can't believe I have to do this all over again!!". With that being said, you should CERTAINLY be able to continue at the level you died on. There should be health packs, too. lol. Good Luck, man.


2009-01-05 19:50:16

Oh, and one time, when I fell off the area in level 1, it seemed like a bottomless pit. I'm all like "wtf is going on!?". You might wanna consider changing that. Again, good luck with this, man. Hope to see it here on newgrounds ASAP.


2009-01-05 20:08:57

Oh, I almost forgot- you should be able to pause as well, lol. And 20th comment, SWEET.