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2008-12-14 16:38:06 by SpedsonaPlane

into Emerson college. i'm really excited about it since it was my first choice. thank you NG for making all the hours of tedious applying much more bearable with some good ol' flash toons.. In unrelated news, here's a screencap of the latest flash project I've been working on with NutcaseNightmare (of :the game: fame). Expect a release of this project hopefully sometime this year!

Seasons greetings all!



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2008-12-14 16:43:52

What? You're still here?

SpedsonaPlane responds:

I know.....

.... scary aint it?


2008-12-14 17:09:55

great work dude keep it up

SpedsonaPlane responds:

tank you, will do sir


2008-12-14 18:32:24

Fuck you


2008-12-14 18:32:33

im sorry, Grats!

SpedsonaPlane responds:

awww thanks for the apology. It is nice to see a (f*ck you) apologized for, want me to delete that comment for ya?


2008-12-14 19:09:50

congragulations on a job well done

SpedsonaPlane responds:

thank you very much.


2008-12-14 19:51:29

wat ya studyin?

SpedsonaPlane responds:

I'm signed on for a BA in theater studies (performance emphasis in acting) but also trying to get a specialization in animation and maybe taking a graphic novel writing course!


2008-12-14 20:48:19

Congrats! And it's about time you made a new post. Good luck once again.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

no prob no prob


2008-12-14 22:02:10


Congrats on getting accepted to, quote-unquote Wiki: "the only comprehensive college or university in America dedicated exclusively to communication and the arts in a liberal arts context." Awesome, dude!

And as for Bloodydoll, it WILL be done in time for the Walk of Fame Mochiads contest: I won't disappoint you! (again)

SpedsonaPlane responds:

Emerson should be pretty damn fun, they have control over a crapload of the theaters in boston, not to mention it looked like paul dini (the creator of Harley quinn) and the Wachowski bros (Do I even need to say) attended there.

Hell yes, be can do the beta b4 the contest, I BELIEVE! but its some really hard competition hout there (we're talking people who do this for a living). not to mention I'm trying to score $200 before January 20th, so this would be a great opportunity to do so!


2008-12-14 22:30:28

I don't even know you but congrats.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

I don't know you, but at least you're a Godot fan SO YOUR COMPLEMENT IS GOOD IN MY BOOK! thank you very much.


2008-12-14 23:02:33

As I've told you before, congratulations. And I'm liking the graphics on the VS screen. Who's the handsome, whitey, debonair graphic designer that worked on that?


2008-12-14 23:03:06



2008-12-15 00:30:03

That place is sick, my roommate goes there. Congratz.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

GIve your roomate a shoutoutfrom me (please)! thank you! I can't wait for next year


2008-12-15 10:49:09

Congrats on getting in mate! Can't wait for your new flash :P

SpedsonaPlane responds:

thanks, I should warn you, its gonna be epic!


2008-12-15 11:49:45

Who are you?

SpedsonaPlane responds:

I am he as you are he as you are she and we are all together?


2008-12-24 15:38:47

So yeah, congrats man. And have a good holiday, too!