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the game I've been working on

2008-08-30 22:30:56 by SpedsonaPlane

About Bloody Doll Circus Blitzkrieg

yeah I'm excited, this has really started to pick up with huge thanks to Nutcasenightmare (the Background artist) and Keen Bean (the god like programmer). so I thought I'd show a really really small 14 sec preview of the beta. t/bloody-doll-CB-Preview-1-96544544

To get you all psyched for this I got some fun features about to mention (some may become more awesome or obliterated by the time this mother is done)

-Character customization
-Customised cutscenes
-more than 500,000 character options
-crazy trapese, tightrope, and trampoline action
-killer voice acting
-more blood
-4 boss fights
-14 different weapons
-awesome interactive menues
-Storyline? (you'll see)
PS: I need help with the soundtrack, if you are capable of rocking hard please let me know

the game I've been working on


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2008-08-31 01:53:05

Cool :)

SpedsonaPlane responds:



2008-08-31 03:42:34

it freezes

and ur screen name is relly offensive towards me

but i like ur bioshock things lol

SpedsonaPlane responds:

oh the freezing thing is just a side effect of it being on deviantart, that is actually where the clip ends. I was just too lazy to put anything in there.

as for the screename sorrry I mean no offence

Glad to hear you like Bioshlock


2008-08-31 04:46:31

looks cool

SpedsonaPlane responds:

thanks again!


2008-08-31 11:22:40

lol i want to see the storyline

SpedsonaPlane responds:

you'll see hehehe


2008-08-31 15:23:03

Just wondering how you get news posts on frontpage?

SpedsonaPlane responds:

I believe I finally figuered it out. If you made a submission that got on the front page, you gain the ability to once every 2 weeks post on the front.


2008-08-31 19:00:00

Looks nice.
Keep me updated!

SpedsonaPlane responds:

sir yes sir


2008-08-31 21:49:48

I take it you're like 5% done.
500,000 character options FUCK YOU.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

oh no its more like 25%, and as for the 500,000 options, its perfectly feasable. You'll see


2008-08-31 22:59:48

Feasable as a cock in ur mouth? Nah, just kidding. Haven't checked the game out yet, but if Bioshlock is any indication, it'll be pretty good.

SpedsonaPlane responds:

this will far surpass bioshlock. by leaps and bounds


2008-08-31 23:00:38

Yay, this is fantastic!

And the background work is so good! So utterly professional! Whoever did those backgrounds should be given a million zillion (Moser's number)^(Googleplex) cookies!

Ahaha, anyway, it looks and sounds amazing right now.

A few glitches, though:
-there's a gradient in the 'Let the Bloodshed Begin'
-the evil throne guy has a flame OVER him
-and there's a tiny orange spot in the throne background I forgot to fix.

Can't WAIT to see the final product!

SpedsonaPlane responds:

oh no, that flame is his evil aura effect, it will make sense in some later shots you'll see.


2008-09-05 14:29:24

it looks good so far :D


2008-11-01 09:48:44

Umm..... dude..... why did you just delete a couple posts? This is from AUGUST, and I thought it would never get comments anymore. It would really be nice to know when the game's gonna come out! So hopefully you can release it ASAP, right? Please tell me when it'll be out if you know the answer.


2008-11-04 16:22:20

Again, Good Luck! So when exactly do you plan to release?


2008-11-06 19:42:35

"Again, Good Luck! So when exactly do you plan to release?"

We're planning to release it mid-November. Sorry for the delay.


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