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2008-07-29 11:01:54 by SpedsonaPlane

yeah I guess that it is worth mentioning I'll be at connecticon in hartford connecticon this weekend (nobody probably cares I haven't exactly made epic flashes but that's goin to change). I'm now part of a team called team bloodydoll. We're working really hard to make a kickass flash game called Bloody Doll Circus Blitzkrieg. (preiview images below). Its a platform fighter with a couple of twists, customizable characters, epic cutscenes, and if this works out over 500,000 possible character creation options. sorry if it seems I've been dead, I'm postponing bioshlock to work on this. any questions just post. And as a thank you for reading here in a funny mitchell and webb sketch

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2008-07-29 11:30:48



2008-07-29 11:37:37

how long until Bloody Doll Circus Blitzkrieg is completed?

SpedsonaPlane responds:

it may be a while judging by how much I get my arse in gear, a month or two I suppose.


2008-07-29 15:03:51

Heroin, haha. I loved it.


2008-07-30 23:14:08

You gave syndrom2000 an answer but not me? *sad face*

Anyway, cool pictures! Sounds like Bloody Doll Circus Blitzkrieg is doing well!